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for as long as we are living and breathing, we are always growing, shifting and changing in one way or another. our constantly evolving natures require that we explore and refine what it is that makes us feel in flow. at a fundamental level, each of us requires a slightly different formula to experience health, fulfillment and vibrancy.

at a seed growing, we approach our health from a more holistic point of view to discover and embrace the methods that work best for our unique lifestyles.

true health is not about deprivation, restriction or perfection. to feel well, we must feel well-rounded, well-supported and full in all areas of our lives.

let's grow together!


first we will walk through your health history to examine your roots. 


holistic health coaching

this roadmap will be your personalized user's manual to shift your health with actionable and attainable practices.

THE Roadmap

this digital session will be developed to provide you with actionable takeaways to incorporate into your personal practice.

yoga and pranayama are powerful ways to enhance your growth and progress in a gentle and therapeutic way.

the growth spurt

in this comprehensive kitchen clean up, we will review what you’ve currently got going on and then swap out what is no longer working for some healthful pantry and refrigerator alternatives. when restocking your kitchen, we will factor in your budget and time constraints so that you can maintain a healthy environment beyond the initial consult.

kitchen clean up

seed support

seasonal vinyasa flows and fluid instruction will guide you through a customized practice developed for your level and needs. 

corporate & yoga privates

wellness consulting

wondering what it takes for you and your employees to feel well at work or to run a business with wellness in mind?

 feeling balanced but want a little extra boost? not quite ready to commit to a full program? these offerings will serve you well.


phase 1:

phase 2: 

phase 3

instead of relying on restrictive diets and ephemeral trends, we believe in sustainable lifestyle choices that support our health and longevity. 



together, we will review your diet, lifestyle, daily practices, health history and several other components, all of which inform how your body functions holistically. we will discuss your longterm goals and any obstacles that are blocking you from optimal health.

this is a collaborative, judgment-free process. as we explore your past and current lifestyle, we will view everything as purely information: nothing is good, bad, right or wrong. 

your customized roadmap will be specifically tailored to your lifestyle and budget to ensure that any changes can become sustainable parts of your daily life. 

as we work towards achieving your goals, I will provide you with continued support via regularly scheduled check-ins, emails and texts, as well as on-going resources to inspire and enhance your process.

you must first create the proper framework to build your healthy habits. much of this begins with how we stock our kitchens.  

if you and/or your company wants to reconnect with body and breath, a corporate or private yoga session will help to develop a physical practice and take you deeper into your existing one. held via zoom.

I will work with you and your team to develop a custom strategy to support a joyful, healthy, and productive work environment. 

well at work

you will receive either a digital yoga OR pranayama session to enhance your program.

schedule a free consultation

schedule a free consultation

hi! hello! 

my lifelong curiosity to explore the interconnected nature of our minds, bodies and overall well-being has led me to study multiple techniques that promote joy and balance throughout our lives. I am a certified holistic health coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, as well as through Ayurveda’s World in New York City. I am a certified 200 hour RYT from Alchemy of Yoga in Bali, Indonesia, and have completed 100+ hours of training in the Katonah yoga method at The Studio in NYC, with a focus on pranayama breath work. I also hold my reiki I and reiki II certifications from Maha Rose in Brooklyn, NY. 

my approach to working with clients pulls from different modalities and techniques in a comprehensive format. I currently see private clients for digital health coaching and consult for wellness brands and corporations.

it's so nice to meet you! my mission is to support you in creating a healthy lifestyle that is attainable, enjoyable and personalized to you. 

when it comes to our health, we are each so unique in our needs, which is why quick fixes and band aids can only take us so far. lasting health begins when we get to the root of the issue. my early struggle with chronic migraine headaches led me down a rabbit hole of doctor diagnoses, prescription medications and other treatments that left me feeling defeated and without relief. thanks to the intuition and guidance of my mom, who was a true pioneer in embracing holistic health, I turned to an integrative approach to address the origin of my symptoms and transform my understanding of health in the process.

get started with a service by booking a 20 minute chat

get started with a service by booking a 20 minute chat

let's work together!

together, we will develop your personalized set of actionable strategies and practices to approach your health with confidence. your roadmap will be suited to your budget and lifestyle needs.

 through our work, we will open up a world of possibility where feeling well becomes your new normal and life becomes ripe and full again. 



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